A truly innovative new line of pillows and quilts!Combining the meticulous craftsmanship of Scandinavia with our cutting edge, patent pending Daunlux filling material, our products set a new standard for down replacement.Daunlux products feel soft and bouncy, are superior in performance to the highest quality down, less expensive, 100 % non-allergenic, and machine washable

Fabric: 100% Cottonsatin

Filling: ultrafine microfibers and softflakes Polyethylene Daunella®



• Innovative filling of ultra-fine microfibers and soft flakes
• Softer and lighter than down
• Cruelty free - no animal ingredients
• Short shaking enough for full volume
• High resilience
• Highly breathable
• Dust mite free
• Non-allergenic
• Washable at 60° C
• Half the price of down