Butterfly-shape pillow is developed to offer most optimal support to your head, neck and shoulders. Special neck-curves on pillow allow to align properly Your body and spine in any position You are sleeping. No matter whether you are stomach-, back- or side-sleeper- Delux Butterfly pillow suits you well and allows you to get the maximum from your night-sleep.To match the best with your body, Butterfly pillow is available in different heights. The broader your shoulders, the higher pillow you need.Filling of small memory-foam sticks and polyester ballfiber offers perfect neck support together with fluffy softness of fiber-filled pillows.For better air-circulation in the pillow Butterfly pillow has ventilation-net on sides to lead out moisture from the pillow.

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Fabric: 44% Viscose, 56% Polyester
Filling: 70% Polyurethane foam, 30% Polyester
Weight: 600 g

Additional information

L 60x50cm


M 60x50cm


• Optimal support to neck and shoulders
• Relieves body pressure
• Suitable for side-, back- and stomach-sleepers
• Different heights
• Quick dry