The air cushion offers a good moisture balance and is breathable.The Tencel fibers used in the contents absorb the moisture and the net on the side of the pillow helps to expel it. Due to this, the pillow stays warm and dry during sleep, ensuring a peaceful sleep. The MicroTencel fabric is pleasantly soft and cool against the skin.A medium-height pillow that is suitable for sleeping on your stomach, back and side.

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Fabric: 60% MicroLyocell, 40% Polyester
Filling: 30% Tencel®, 70% Airella
Weight: 550 g

Additional information

60×50 cm high


60×50 cm low


• Optimal sleeping climat
• Moisture absorbation
• Temperature regulation
• Destructs bacterias and dustmites
• Breathable
• Tencel fiber, 100% Organic
• Moisture absordation
• Aircirculation
• Moisture Aircirculation
• Moisture absordation
• Aircirculation