Fantastic hand-built box bed in solid wood provides
a robust bed that you will be happy with
for many years. Double spring mattresses in the
bed which provide good support and comfort.
• Elegant box bed that visually fits into most
• Zoned mattresses that provide ergonomically
best sleep.
• Great opportunity to design your own bed in
several fabrics and colors
• Hand-built quality bed produced in Estonia

Headboard: Stripe 182x112x10cm

Legs: CA2 Black nickel 18cm K+Supporting legs

Fabric: Melody 2 Light Grey

LxWxH: 2000x1800x1120 mm

Additional information
Collection DELUX BED
1. Cover from soft polyester jersey with
volumous polyester fiber Tencel.
2. Latex HS65 4cm
Frame-bed H-32cm
3. Latex 3cm HS65
4. Foam 23 kg/m3
5. 5-zone Pocket springs 13 cm, 260 springs/m3
Possible to choose medium, fast, extra-fast
6. Foam 4 cm 23 kg/m3
7. Minipocket 7 cm
8. Solid wood bedframe
9. Legs