Luxury continental bed for classic and modern interior. With the additional items as side table and bench, it’s possible to style the entire bedroom with the same style

Headboard: 160x105x8cm

Legs: AE1 Black Matt 12 cm

Fabric: Tender Way 01 White

lwh: 2000x1600x1050 mm



1. Quilted cover from soft Polyester jersey volumous Polyester fiber
2. Coldfoam 35kg/m3 4cm
Spring-mattress Basic kombi 5-zone H-20cm
3. Foam 23 kg/m³
4. Foam 23 kg/m³
5. 5-zone Pocket springs 13cm, 260 springs/m2
Possible to choose medium, fast, extra-fast
6. Foam 23 kg/m³
Bed H-21cm
7. Foam 23 kg/m3
8. Foam 23 kg/m3
9. Bonnell springs 2,4 wire 109 springs/m2
10. Softening felt
11. Solid wood bedframe
12. Leg