Loftet "Frame"

Modern style bed frame with varieties of headboards. The bed frame features cushioned side rails to provide supportive comfort while relaxing. The main bed frame is made of high hardness metal, so the frame of the cushion bed frame is very stable.

Headboard: ca 202x115x10 cm

Legs: LU Black Metal, 10 cm

Fabric: Crush 190 Snow

lwh: 2000x1800x1150 mm



1. Quilted cover from soft Polyester jersey with
volumous Polyester fiber
2. Foam 23kg/m2 profiled 3,5/1,5cm
Quilted spring-mattress (partner) 24cm
Quilted cover from soft ViscosePolyester jersey
with volumous Polyester fiber
3. Foam 23kg/m3
4. Foam 35 kg/m³
5. Pocket springs 13cm, 260 springs/m2
Possible to choose medium, fast
6. Foam 23 kg/m³
7. Framebed with plywood slats
8. Legs